Since I’ve been looking through all sorts of makeup, mostly shadows and primers, I’ve come across Fyrinnae and their Pixie Epoxy/eye shadows quite frequently. After looking through their site[now that it’s up] it appears that their pigments are really decently priced and they also offer samples of everything. So what I’m wondering is if anyone has tried their pixie epoxy and/or pigments? I’ve read mixed reviews and would rather hear the opinions of people I follow or who follow me. Right now I have about 15 shadows I’d like to get samples of that look gorgeous on the website, and would also like to sample the pixie epoxy. I know it’s not a primer but is made to make shimmery non-matte shadows pop. I think I can count 1 maybe 2 matte shadows I’ve ever owned and I think they were both blacks.

So have you tried any of their products? What did you think? Are they worth trying?

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  • I’m a big fan of Fyrinnae, and their pixie epoxy is a must!! There are a lot of good guides on how to use it well, but I can say you want to use a very small amount, spread it over your lid, wait just a few seconds for it to get tacky, then apply your shadow. I’ve found fyrinnae shadows don’t show up to their full power without the pixie epoxy <3 it's awesome.

  • oh my gosh do try it it deff is a little tricky to use at first and you need the ‘just right amount’ i have pictures of what works really well on my blog. the colours look a million times better BUT please please please dont fall into a trap of JUST using the P.E as u WILL need a primer to prevent creasing P.E is a i guess glue for lack of a better word i personally use Urban decay primer potion underneath my P.E and (i am a Registered nurse) my pigments last all day any questions or you want some tips or anything give me a yell =)
    p.s their pigments are BEAUTIFUL i love Fyrinnae!!

    • Thanks for letting me know. Urban Decay‘s Primer Potion is my primer of choice however my daughter destroyed it along with the rest of my makeup near the end of last year and I haven’t been able to replace it yet. I have a huge list of things I need to purchase. haha

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  • Mai

    Yes yes yes you NEED to try pixie epoxy. If you aren’t sure about it, get a sample. I ordered from them months ago and I’m still not done with my wee little pot of it. It can be tricky to work with for the first time but it’s worth the trouble

    • Yeah I was just going to order sample sizes just to make sure I didn’t hate it.