Strange Cat, Bad Cat

So I realized Sushi was a little strange the first time she tried to steal Fumiko’s peach slices. Since then she’s eaten/licked apples, oranges, berries, yogurt and oatmeal. Fumiko frequently shares her fruit and yogurt with sushi and today I found her eating the last of my oatmeal. -.- Bad cat.

She’s only around 6 months old. I’ll be glad when she’s older. Right now she uses us all as a teething toys. She’s really energetic and feisty. She doesn’t know when to stop or how to bite gently and her teeth are like little razor blades! I do think though that once we get her spayed she might settle down a little bit, but I think mostly she needs to just get a little older and she’ll chill out. I keep reminding myself she’s not even a year old yet, give it time. Though I say that about Fumiko all the time. haha I just hope when we get Sushi spayed that she doesn’t end up getting fat and lazy like a lot of cats do. Otherwise I’ll be looking up diet stuff to reduce belly fat for her instead of me. haha :p

She is also just as bad as Fumiko as she’ll follow me wherever I go. When I go to the bathroom, she follows me and uses her litter box. If I use the front bathroom she’ll sit outside the door and meow or scratch at it. When I take a bath or shower she goes in with me and sits on the side of the bath tub. While in the kitchen I have to watch them both carefully, if I don’t they’re both on the counter watching me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve turned around to see both Fumiko and Sushi sitting on the counter watching me. I also can’t tell you how many times I’ve had to shoo them both out of the kitchen so they don’t try to get on the counter. I think Sushi thinks she’s human, not cat. She sure acts that way. They’re both bad at being my shadow and I constantly trip over them. It’s become really common to also say “If it’s not Fumiko making a mess or breaking something, then it’s Sushi, or both!” AHHHH! They’ll grow up and all will be well. Right?

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