Damn you bill that came out of our bank account that wasn’t supposed to yet. -.- *sigh* Figuring out finances is never fun, especially when something unexpected happens.

I think Portland and surrounding areas are working on the roads all at the same time. Everywhere we go there seems to be orange cones and signs up everywhere warning me of construction, not to mention lights out and people directing traffic. Though yesterday while taking Kai to work there was some kind of construction truck that had this seat attachment on the back drivers side where a man was sitting, and sticking reflectors to the ground. Did I mention he had a cigarette sticking out of his mouth too? I wonder if that was part of the job requirement. :p I’ve definitely seen some interesting construction jobs this past month. I’ve seen more odd contraptions on construction vehicles than I can count, and even more people standing/sitting around smoking while on the job.

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  • Joe

    I went back….and that link is still just a site to help you search for construction jobs. Maybe something was lost in the translation.

  • Joe

    I thought that link was going to be to a story about some construction you saw….not a link to some site that may be paying you to link to them. WTF ?

    • Well if you’d read it, you would have seen it was about construction I saw.