The things children do

So I filled up the tub with some bubbles and warm water for Fumiko to play in, ran down stairs to get a couple of batteries and came back up to find my phone had been dumped in the bathtub. t.t I frantically scooped it up pulled the battery out, dried it off with a towel, grabbed my hair dryer and set it on cool. It is now sitting in a lovely bed of uncooked rice.

Dear universe, please, please, please for the love of all that is holy let my phone work again. :(

On a related note. I received this lovely in the mail today shortly before my phone took the plunge. Who knew a bath fizzy could make the world okay for a few minutes? Let me tell you, as soon as Fumiko fell asleep for her nap I was in the tub enjoying this baby.

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  • Yikes! I hope the rice trick works. What kind of phone do you have?

    • You and me both. :( I have an 83xx blackberry curve from verizon. I can’t remember if it’s 8330 or 8300.