My EF order arrived today!

I had a gift card for Eden Fantasy and decided to use it to get some bath products I’d been wanting. So I made my order Wednesday night which was the 2nd and it arrived today, which is the 4th. Holy cow I didn’t expect it that fast, plus I got a free vibrator. :d I ordered the Sliquid Splash in grapefruit thyme, which smells amazing by the way. I also got the Naughty Bubbles by Booty Parlor which smells so pretty. And the Violet Moon Shimmer Cream by Sensuous Beauty which I’m sorry to say I can’t use. I put a little on my arm to test and it’s given me a horrible migraine. I really wanted to like it. :( But the smell reminds me of a natural bug bite salve, and there is the whole migraine thing. I can’t wait to try the Splash and the Naughty Bubbles though. <3

Anyways, pictures!

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  • I just placed my first EF order this week. I think next time I might go for bath products but mama needed a new toy for starters! ;)

    UGH I would DIE if products triggered migraines! I get them due to hormones or being overtired and that’s bad enough.

    • When you decide to get some bath products definitely look at the Sliquid Splash. It’s amazing! I’m going to be writing up a review on it soon.

      I would have ordered some toys, but I have um plenty at the moment and I was lacking in the bath product area. :)

      I suffer from migraines a lot but it’s especially bad when it’s triggered from someone’s perfume or other smelly products. :( I’ve gotten then while shopping when someone walked by with a strong perfume. Ugh.