2011 Super Bowl Sunday

So apparently it’s Super Bowl Sunday, who knew?[1. Seriously, I had no idea.] While I am not a fan of football in any way shape or form, and really hate watching sports on tv, my husband for some odd reason does enjoy watching the Super Bowl. I think though it has more to do with his memories of spending this day with his family, than actually watching football.

I think I’d mentioned earlier this week that I kept waking up with an extremely sore shoulder and neck and couldn’t figure out why. Last night I figured it out… Kai had stripped our bed and washed all the bedding. He says he kept our pillows separated, but apparently not very well. I kept thinking my pillows felt funny. They seems too fluffy and flat. I thought nothing of it, forgetting that Kai had washed our bedding. So last night I went to check my pillows thinking I had the wrong one on top. As soon as I looked inside I knew what was wrong. Kai had switched our pillows. I had two of his and he had mine. So I look at him and say “You switched our pillows?!!!”. He just started laughing. I’m still not sure if he did it on purpose,[2. I still think he did it on purpose.] or really hadn’t noticed.

Either way, I took my pillows back and switch the pillow cases. I slept much better last night and woke up without soreness. While pillows don’t make that much of a difference to some, for me it means waking up without extra pain. I need really firm pillows to sleep on because of the compression fracture on T3[3. T3 is a vertebrae on your spine between your shoulders] that I suffered with several years ago. There is constant pain there. A deep, dull, ache. I’ve had pain there for so long that sometimes I forget that it hurts, but then I’ll do something and it triggers horrible, excruciating pain. I don’t look forward to those particular times.

Now I shall go continue to wait for David to call so I can talk to Sascha.

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