FOTD 02/09/11

Kryolan Frambrosia as eyeliner
Rimmel Dark Signature Quad – White Shimmer
BareMinerals ell-if-i-know
Prestige Wasabi
Buxom Mascara Blackest Black

BareMinerals Fair mixed with target brand moisturizer
tarte cheek stain Blissful

wet n wild Mega Plump South Peach

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  • misstresss

    I have never used Sugarpill but friends have told me about it. That and LimeCrime. Both pretty well known and popular, lots of pretty shades too. I just haven’t tried them yet.
    I DEFINITELY recommend Orglamix! I tried them maybe a year ago. I now have a small collection of their shadows and they are my absolute favorite brand of eye shadows ever. They are all natural, handmade, long lasting, vibrant colors. Love them! Moonstone is the one I wear when I want to tone down and not go super bright, that’s like my everyday color. Really subtle and pretty, I’ve gotten lots of compliments on that one. What I love is that they have drugstore makeup prices for the best quality that I have EVER used. And lots of colors. And they send their products to you in a cute little bag, often with a full-sized sample shadow, which is just a total plus!

    • I’ve heard a lot of good things about them recently. I’ve been trying to switch to all natural products since my Lyme is getting worse. I’ve recently had to switch my soap/shampoo/conditioner and deodorant to all natural products because it’s been causing horrible skin irritations. So I was really glad to hear about Orglamix. I was going to get some of their foundation to try but by a stroke of luck I found a Boots foundation that matched my skin color perfectly.

  • misstresss

    that pink is intense! Looks like my Geranium Orglamix. <3 Orglamix!

    love bright eye makeup. :HEART:

    • I’ve been drooling over Orglamix for the past couple of weeks. :) I plan on purchasing um several of their colors when I can afford to. The Geranium is one I plan to get. :d I’ve been wanting to purchase Sugarpill from Amy for so long too. All in good time!

      The Framboise I’ve been using is um like 4 years old? Maybe older? It was the very first eyeshadow I bought from Amy on ebay. haha I found it in a random drawer recently.