The early bird catches the worm first

Right? Maybe. Yesterday morning Kai was up at 5am to ride his bike over to our local GNC to help with inventory. He got home just in time to catch a ride to work with Kinon. He got home at 830pm. This morning he was up at 4am and had to be at his store at 5am to prepare for his inventory. He isn’t getting off until 830pm tonight. I feel bad for him. He was required to work Sunday which is his usual day off. So he’s been working 6 days straight, plus doing inventory and helping others with their inventory. He has store inspections and all sorts of things coming up so he’s been quite stressed. I hope it all blows over soon so he can relax.

Kharizma is picking me up at 4pm today to get our Durango. There goes $150. Ugh. Please dear car don’t break anymore right now. I suppose I shall go get dressed and ready. I tried to call NARA to make a doctors appointment to get my IUD removed, but they weren’t in. I left a message so hopefully they get back to me soon. After that’s done with, the next step is getting my braces taken off. Which I’m quite afraid of doing. My teeth are so damaged between the Lyme and the braces I’m paranoid that they’ll fall apart when they take them off. I have one tooth that is severely cracked and pieces are broken off. I’ve been trying to wait for our insurance to reset so I can get it taken care of. We just didn’t have the funds to pay for it. So now that our insurance should be reset for the year it’s time to take care of it. And well all of the other dental issues in my mouth. Come pay day I’m purchasing this from etsy. It’s tooth soap. My body is so sensitive right now that even the natural toothpastes are causing sores and pain in my mouth. I’m hoping this will work for me. It shouldn’t bother my mouth. It has less than half the ingredients of the last natural toothpastes I’ve tried.

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