Can I trust Orglamix?

/Edit So it turns out that Cheri has also been using stock photos to advertise her cosmetics. I don’t have an issue with that. As long as you are upfront and you tell people. It’s incredibly deceitful and unethical to use stock photos depicting products that you don’t actually sell. She’s basically leading people to believe that they’re going to achieve these amazing looks with her cosmetics and even going to far as to tell people what eyeshadow is used on the models from the stock photo sites. It’s clear now also that her swatch photos are clearly photoshopped eyes. Some look as though she’s just photoshopped the colored eyeshadow on, while others look like she’s actually photoshopped the same eyeball in. Here she says the model here is using the pacific paradise collection… But um that’s a stock photo that you purchased, you don’t know what she’s using. Here are more. Here are some links to photo’s of her double labels: here, here and here. Like I said earlier. It’s unfortunate that she couldn’t just be honest and upfront. Had she not lied about everything I would probably be willing to purchase her products. I can’t purchase from her knowing how deceitful she’s been. I mean saying that you’re registered with PETA as being cruelty free and not actually being registered anywhere? It all seems small and silly. But when it all adds up it’s quite sad. /End edit

I first heard about Orglamix through Alternative Housewife. After checking out their Etsy and facebook pages I was impressed with the products and color choices they had. I’d even contacted Cheri on Etsy to see about finding a foundation shade for my skin. Her response on Etsy kind of threw me off. It was really generic and it didn’t seem like she even read what I said to her. I quickly brushed it off and went back to mulling over eyeshadow colors.

WTF Right now I have to say I’m glad I didn’t purchase anything from Orglamix. After reading this and seeing all of the comments that have been deleted from her facebook page. I don’t know what to think. If you read the comments there from Not Making it Up you can see that people who purchased Orglamix products in the last month have jars that have double labels on them. :/ Some of labels list unsafe ingredients and others don’t list ingredients at all. Some have carmine in them which is made from carminic acid from scaley bugs. These are supposed to be vegan products. Some list the jars being 1 gram while the ones on top list them as 2 gram jars. There are too many people responding with relabeled jars to think this is just a mistake or that she just made new labels for the jars.

For those of you who have purchased Orglamix recently, can you check your labels to see if any are relabeled? It would be nice to know. As of right now I think I’m going to avoid purchasing from Orglamix until I see how this plays out. Right now her behavior tends to make me believe that she was being dishonest in her product sales, but I hope I’m wrong.

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  • Heya! Thanks for linking back to me – I actually stumbled across this while checking out some facts! I just wanted to correct one itsy bitsy thing – carmine isn’t unsafe to use, it’s just not vegan. Carmine is made from crushed up bug juice. Gross, eh?

    Keep your eyes peeled – a blogger friend of mine has similarly stumbled on some crazy info, and will hopefully be posting tonight – I’ll make sure to link!

    • Isn’t it beetle blood or something from beetle? Either way it’s gross. haha Thanks for catching that. I was stumbling for words when I wrote this. I was shocked after reading all of the info and comments.

      • Kinda, it’s the, um, juice. I don’t know if bugs have blood, per se, like you and me, but yeah. Ick. I didn’t know that was what carmine was, so I may try to steer clear of it! It just seems kinda grody.

        • hehehe bug juice.

  • Interesting. Mine were in nice containers, no repackaging, and I had a good experience with her, but that might just mean that she started using new containers only. How annoying! I actually requested to work with Cheri after seeing a review elsewhere and didn’t do any further research. She didn’t seem super personal with me but it didn’t seem like auto responses either, just typical PR.

    I suggest you look into Beauty by Saria. I have only read good reviews and she was my intro into mineral makeup.

    • Thanks I’ll take a look. It kind of sucks because I was pretty excited about her products when I saw them on your blog. Then I read that earlier today and started looking up Orglamix online and found other people who had issues. I’m not sure I really want to put a lot of money into products like that, even if she is doing things properly now. I’d much rather put my money into someone who has been honest from the beginning.

    • Hmmm. I can’t seem to find a website for beauty by saria? Her etsy store seems to be gone and all I’m finding on google is reviews for her products when lead to the dead etsy page.

      • Maybe she’s not around anymore. Bummer because her products were really good. Man, I’m glad I read this because I was going to buy some stuff from Orglamix and now I think I’ll pass. What mineral makeup companies do you know and trust? Should I just go with the big name companies?

        It steams me that I gave this stuff away as a prize to someone without knowing the controversy. It never even occurred to me to research – I guess I’m too trusting. :(