My sudden urges

I have this sudden urge to listen to Tori Amos. I haven’t really listened to her much in well years. She used to be the only artist I enjoyed listening to. Now I just need to copy it from my desktop to the laptop. I shall add that to my to-do list. I finally got my review photos uploaded, now I just need to write the reviews.

I have my dragon’s blood incense burning. The only one I like is by Gonesh. By like I mean love. I seriously love this incense. It literally makes me feel at peace. It smells like home and comfort. I’ve been feeling so, so. I started to feel somewhat better, then my tooth broke, and I started having all sorts of mouth pain and ear pain and I started my period. It’s almost over. Thank goodness. I have reviews I want to do. I went in the other morning at 630am to get my braces off. Only to find they only scheduled me for a 20 minute consultation… My ortho basically tried to convince me to leave my braces on and even resorted to trying to make me feel bad for not having been in for almost a year. Sorry sir but I’ve been sick and we’ve had other issues, like car and money and well other things happen that kind of prevented me from getting in. It’s also especially hard when you’re in twice a month. -.- I’m trying to tell him that my lyme disease is wreaking havoc on my body and he’s worried about the last couple of small spaces that he wants to close. THEN after trying to convince me to keep them on, he tells me that my teeth are so damaged around the braces that they may fracture when they take them off. And you say you think I should keep them on longer…? Alrighty. So I have an appointment for the 15th to get them off. I am now terrified that my teeth are going to break even more. If only my fears were silly. This week a filling fell out of my tooth and the back half of that tooth broke off into the gums.[1. I found out after seeing my orthodontist that it actually had a filling in it. He said it looks like the filling fell out and then the tooth broke.]

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