WordPress 3.1

I updated my blog to 3.1 as soon as it was up. I have to say I really like it. It seems to have fixed the whatever it was that was cause my admin panel to be incredibly slow. It loads much faster now. I also really like the new bar at the top of my blog. It’s really handy for making a new post or searching or updating. All of my most used features are right there. No more needing to go to the admin area first.

How are you liking 3.1? If you haven’t upgraded yet, what’s holding you back? I’d also like to know what WordPress plugins you recommend and what are your favorites? :) I’m always browsing the plugins to see if anything catches my eye. I want a plugin that allows one to post a tweet in my comments and have it show a “screenshot” of that tweet from blackbird pie, like it does at the hosted blogs. It would be even better if WordPress could implement that feature into self hosted blogs. I know there is a plugin that allows you to post them to your blog posts, but I want it to work in my comments for say giveaways. I know over at it works in the comments.

Here is an example! When you paste a tweet url!/toxidlotus/status/43228675503702016 on it’s own line in the comment field it posts a sort of screenshot thanks to blackbird pie. See:

You can see it live here. Yes I have a random blog. I can’t remember why. Haha Anyways if you tried to post that tweet here, all you’d see is a link instead of the blackbird pie screenshot. I want screenshot!

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