I need…

You to recommend awesome beauty blogs. :d I need some to follow. I want to see swatches and fotd’s from other people. So give me your favorite blogs! I also need something to turn my loose shadows into awesome waterproof eyeliner, and well of course an eye primer as posted previously. :)

I’d also like you to share your favorite indie makeup companies. Orglamix was a huge disappointment and I’d like to find some other companies to check out.

In other news, I think the cut on my finger is getting infected. It hurts… a lot. I also have photos resized and ready for a couple of reviews! Now I just need to move them to this laptop and post said reviews!

Last night I ended up going over to see Dawn rather late. She sent me a text message after 10pm asking me to come over. My husbands first response was “Right now?” and mine was “Now?” apparently she meant now. haha She texted me back and told me to come over. So I told her I had to put clothes on and I’d be over. And I put clothes on and went over! I ended up coming home around 130am. It was really nice just to hang out with her and have a good time. She was rather inebriated. hehehe <3 It was fun and I love her. Hopefully soon after she’s moved Kharizma and I both can visit and have fun with her. :d I’ve now seen both of my best friends here exceptionally drunk. bahahaha

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I run this blog! This blog is a personal blog for all things beauty related. I love swatching, reviewing and hosting giveaways. I've been blogging since I was 16 years old... That's uh a long time. I am now 34! Sometimes I like to blog about my life and what is going on, but not often anymore. I hope you enjoy my blog posts!

  • I have one, lol. If you check out my profile, I follow something like 200 blogs. And I don’t just follow every blog, these are the ones I like the best :p And the ones I like the best of THOSE best are all on the right side of my blog. I have a thing from Beautiful Girl Minerals I use to turn loose shadow into liners, it was cheap (maybe $3.50), but I don’t recommend anything else from them.