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I’ve been lusting after several Zoya polishes for quite some time now. I want Charla and Savita so bad it’s not funny. They shall be my first purchase when I start to purchase new polish. I’ve seen several people post really positive things about them. I recently stumbled across Konad’s nail stamping stuff. It looks really fun. They have all sorts of plates with cutesy things as well as flowers, letters, numbers, patterns, even really neat french nail tips! I definitely want to pick a few up. There’s a plate with a heart french tip that I really like, as well as a cloud pattern and various japanese themed plates. There’s even a plate with Hello Kitty’s face! It sounds really easy. You paint some polish onto the plate, scrape off the excess. Then you press the stamp on it and roll the design onto your nail. See, it sounds easy. We shall see at some point how easy it really is for me. haha

Really though my question is what do you recommend for strengthening your nails? Do you have a special routine you do? Is there some awesome nail strengthening/growing potion somewhere that I need to pick up? In the past I’ve only tried a nail strengthener by Sally Hansen. However it’s been so long I’m not sure what it was. My nails are very thing and they tend to break off when they get to a decent length. Some of my nails also tend to lose their shape I guess? A couple of my nails will kind of start to bend down instead of growing straight out. I notice if I keep them polished they don’t do that. So I’m thinking that strengthening them would do the trick. Ultimately I’d like to be able to grow them out to a decent length so I can do french tips on my natural nails. I obviously have no idea where to start in making them healthy and strong. I know there are tons of products out there, but I want something that people have good results with and I want to know they’re legitimate recommendations.

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  • Nail stamping, OMG. That sounds awesome. I think I’m going to pick up a kit and give it a try.

    Like Jade, I use Sally Hansen’s Nail Quencher. I also keep polish on my nails at all times — who knew that washing dishes, folding laundry, dressing kids and typing on a computer could be so hard on fingernails? Haha. Anyway, I always do a clear base coat (added bonus: it prevents colored polishes from staining my nails), 1-2 coats of polish, then a clear top coat.

    P.S. Zoya polishes ROCK.

    • Doesn’t it look fun!

      I think that might be one of my downfalls. I own I think 2 bottles of nail polish and rarely paint my nails. I think if I kept them polished and moisturized that might help a lot.

      I have a huge issue with polishes though. It peels off, sometimes hours after I paint my nails. I have no idea why. I painted them last night a few hours before a shower, when I got out of the shower most of my nails had lifted polish and it started to peel away… I don’t get it.

      • Shower BEFORE painting nails! :d

        Nail polish durability is a tricky issue. It depends on several factors:
        *Condition of your nails
        *Base coat
        *Nail polish formula, which can vary from different brands right down to individual polishes
        *Top coat
        *What you do whilst wearing polish

        If you want your polish to LAST, you need a good base and top coat as well as a polish which has an ok-to-great formula. A quick-dry top coat will help cut down the overall time for a good manicure, but you will need at least an hour to let the base coat dry properly before you apply polish. If you want to be really finicky, wipe your nails quickly with remover before you apply base coat. This will ensure there are no oils on your nails that will prevent the base coat from adhering properly.

        It’s really all about trial and error, a great polish can be ruined by a base coat and vice versa.

        • Thanks for the tip. :) I’ll have to be more patient with my nails I suppose. lol

  • Konad is super tricky to get the hang of, BUT after that is very easy :) I only have one image plate at the moment, but I plan to get more.

    Nail treatments… I rotate between Sally Hansen’s Nail Quencher and Orly Calcium Sheild. They’re both treatment and base coat in one. I had weak nails that were thin and would break and peel easily. The Orly treatment made them really strong, but they still peeled. The Sally Hansen fixed that. I try to use a heavy moisturiser on them between manis, and alternating the two basecoats keeps them strong AND non-peel-y!

    I haven’t bought any Zoya yet, they’re pretty darn expensive to get to Australia :) most of my polishes are local brands, but I’ve started to buy China Glaze and Colour Club.

    • Awesome thanks! I was looking at Sally Beauty Supply online last night since there is one near where my husband works. I think I’ll venture in there and see if I can find these.

      I saw a post about Essence Colour & Go last night; d= xlsImpprod1910035

      They’re .99 a bottle and some of the colors are pretty similar to zoya. I might try them out since they’re so much cheaper.