Indie Makeup companies!

If you’ll notice up there in the menu where it says Indie Shops, it’s a drop down menu with links to different categories where you’ll find lots of indie shops! The most recently updated list is my indie cosmetics list

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  • Shiro Cosmetics are the best! Highly recommended <3

  • Would you be willing to put my company on the list? I’ve had reviews from a few companies and I’m currently working on project safe indie with Amanda of the eyes have it (and anyone else who wants to help) Thanks a lot!

    Tina Z

    • I can do that. :) Will take a look at your products. I’m trying to find new makeup that won’t irritate my skin. Thanks for letting me know!

  • Oh yes and has AWESOME pressed eyeshadow which is insanely cheap. They have lots of other stuff too, but I have only tried the eyeshadow.

  • I would like to add that Detrivore makes their own beautiful & safe eyeshadows :) Darling Girl Cosmetics also makes a variety of amazing products, but they are closed until April while the owner is moving. There is also Kiss My Sass (formerly known as Suds n Sass) and Sobe Botanicals. Sassy Minerals makes awesome stuff too. Also Fusion of Color cosmetics. These are all brands I have tried and can vouch for.

    Here are some I have not tried, but seem reputable and honest, and have been vouched for by other very reputable bloggers: Venemous Cosmetics, Face Candy Couture, Silk Naturals, RockABetty, and Linnaeus (she is brand new). The Starshine Company also seems reputable. From the UK there is Living Dead Grrl, and from Spain there is Lost In Makeupland. Beauty from the Earth makes original eyeshadows and have repacks, but they clearly mark them as such, and so does Glamour Doll Eyes.

    I have tried Joppa Minerals and Beautiful Girl Minerals as well, and though I was not impressed with the products, they are original. If I think of any more I will let you know :)

    • Thanks! I’ll look into these. :) I hadn’t heard of them.