Mmmm Sushi

Last night was quite nice. We met Kinon’s parents. They took us out to dinner at Sushi & Maki[1. Our most favorite restaurant ever here, and the only sushi place we’ll eat at.]. It was fanfreakingtastic. I did really well. I had a couple of pieces of fire ball[2. Mushrooms stuffed with cream cheese, and spicy tuna, then dipped in tempura and fried. Nom.], a few bites of wakame salad and a spicy tuna roll. I also had my first Japanese beer. Kinon’s dad offered to buy Kai and I a Sapporo, which we accepted. It was better than most beer I’ve tasted, but still beer. ;) You can see the sushi that was ordered here. And that is our waitresses hand. haha She was telling everyone which sushi roll was which. They finished off the whole thing by the way. They also ordered hamachi kama which I didn’t eat because it doesn’t agree with me. But they make some delicious hamachi kama. Kinon and his parents also shared a tempura fried green tea ice cream. :d Overall it was really nice and they seemed to really like the food.

We ended up bringing home assorted tempura for my mom, it’s the only thing she likes there. They made Fumiko a baby unagi bowl with tomago, and miso soup with rice, and cucumber salad. Nom nom.

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