Swatches: Persephone Minerals

My samples from Persephone Minerals arrived today. I ordered Buttercream Bliss, Champagne Room, No Tip, No Strip!, Bi-Curious, and Stage Lights. I got Siren’s Song as a free sample. :) All of the eye swatches are over Pixie Epoxy. Arm and finger swatches are over bare skin. All photos are indoor lights with flash. Also a side note. Champagne Room appears to be just matte enough to look wonky/patchy over Pixie Epoxy. I didn’t realize until after I resized the photos. Ah well. I need a primer. Still crossing my fingers that Amy will have her Sugarpill primer out by the end of the month like she said.

Persephone Minerals
Top row – No Tip, No Strip!, Buttercream Bliss, Siren’s Song. Bottom row – Champagne Room, Stage Lights, Bi-curious.

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  • :HK: OOOh lovely swatches!! Thank you <3

  • I love your swatches <3 And I neeeeed… all of these. Yep.

  • Oooh. Really glad I got No Tip, No Strip! and I’m loving Siren’s Song. Now I can’t wait to bust out my sample baggies and swatch!! :LAUGH: :LAUGH: :LAUGH:

    • They’re pretty! I’m glad I got them. Now to figure out what to try next. haha And I need to actually write a review. I need to get a good review system thing going on for makeup.