So um last night Kai and I[1. Mostly me, by the way. I have the wounds to prove it.] put the kitty caps on Sushi. They came yesterday. The set included white caps with neon pink tips, and clear pink ones with glitter. Guess which is adorning Sushi’s claws of doom? That’s right the pink glitter ones. It took um around an hour I think to get them all on. Between the somersaults, biting, clawing, growling, hissing, meowing, panting, doing I’m not really sure what to get out of it, I got them on! And I had more glue, wounds, blood on me than Sushi did. I think she hated me with a deep burning passion last night. This morning she loved me again. Anyways, so far I am EXTREMELY happy with the kitty caps. They don’t appear to be bothering her and she can’t freaking claw me, or fumiko, or anything else, and they prevent her from climbing up our legs/bodies, and climbing up the shower curtain. Plus they’re adorable. :shifty: So anyways I will uh leave you with some photos of Sushicat in her pretty new kitty caps, and her pretty new collar and her cat cave. :CAT: Oh and Sushi is about 7ish months old. I’d have to check her birth date, but the kitty caps she’s wearing are XS, and there is a little room for her to grow.

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  • Geo

    LOL! I need to get those for Caesar