Swatches: Bokeh Face

I also received samples from Natalie the owner of Bokeh Face. You might remember, she made a purple blush for me, which I can’t wait to get! Anyways. She sent me some goodies in cute packaging. I took the time to swatch them on my eyes. I really like all of the colors so far. Swiss Vanilla is going to be amazing for highlighting. It’s so pretty. I think my favorite of the 5 is Amethyst Cocoa. It’s so pretty. These were all taken indoors with flash since I did them so late at night. Will take natural light swatches this weekend. I just couldn’t wait to get these up.

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  • Isn’t the Amethyst Cocoa ahhhmazing?!? And the Swiss Vanilla is a fave of mine, too!

  • Kharizma McAnulty

    thats the green!

    • It’s called Grass. It made me think of you. lol Isn’t it pretty!