:nl NaturalLogic

So I found this company on Etsy called :nl NaturalLogic. They make organic skin care and body products. I was going over their products and was really impressed. They have good feedback. So my question is, has anyone tried them? A lot of their feedback is detailed enough that people are saying why they love the product. I originally found them on ArtFire before I discovered them on Etsy. I sent them a message on ArtFire asking about samples, but they haven’t checked in, in sometime. So I’m going to send them a message on Etsy and hopefully they get back to me. I would love to try their products, but I’m leery of buying full sized bottles when my skin is so sensitive. I’ve been using the Boots Botanics line, but it seems that it’s starting to irritate my skin as well. It wasn’t all natural anyways, but it wasn’t bothering me. Now that it is, well I need something else, and I need it to be natural. So the :nl products really appeal to me.

These are the products that I wanted to try:

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