Natural Skin Care

So while on my search for natural skin products I managed to find this neat site that offers natural and organic skin care products. They aren’t indie companies but I thought some of you might be interested. It looks like they have some pretty nice products and I’m familiar with some of the brands. They do have nail polish that is safe for kids and even a nail polish remover. The colors are pretty cute too. :) It looks like the same company has “adult” polishes which are still chemical free. Anyways I know other people are searching for natural or organic skin products so I thought I’d share.

I go in to the doctor at 3 today to get my test results and I’m rather nervous. Usually they send me the results in the mail. I’ve never had them call me to come in before. I also have an appointment on the 30th for a full exam and an ultrasound. That’s on a Wednesday so Kai will be able to go with me. Also I hope this isn’t just wishful thinking, but I *think* the depo provera shot might have stopped my period already. I was supposed to start today. The last few months my period has been starting 2-3 days early. I started breaking out with acne last week pretty bad signifying my period was a week away, though as of yesterday I noticed my acne starting to disappear, and by today most of the evil little bumps were gone… Normally I break out in acne all over my face the week before my period, during my period and it starts going away the week after. Soooo cross your fingers!

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