Swatches: wetnwild Mega Last Lip Color Smokin’ Hot Pink

So I picked this up earlier when I found the Petal Pusher palette. It was on sale and I’ve been looking for a pink in this shade and have yet to make an order from Morgana. So I thought what the heck. I really like it. Kai thinks it looks more “natural” than the nude I have. haha It goes on well, it dries and kind of acts like a lip stain on me after awhile. Love the color. Ignore my poor face that is broken out. I ended up getting hives really bad and a rash from the Boots products. So I’ve been using my Jasmine Green Tea soap from Get Lathered and Grapeseed oil. It’s helping but my face is still healing so I haven’t been using foundation.

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  • THAT is WetnWild? Amazing! I will have to look out for that. A pink like that and a coral are the lip colors I am looking for.

    • I know, I was shocked when I put it on. I was expecting it to be, well crappy. At one of the Walgreens I was at, they had a coral color, though I can’t remember which one it was. They seem to carry different shades. There is a purple one from this line but I can’t seem to find it in store at all. d= 58 that shows you the shades they have. :)