My bare skin

So I figured I’d be brace and jump on the bandwagon, however small it may be right now and show you all my poor bare face. It’s still healing from the rash/hives from the witch hazel and boots products I was using. Hate my body sometimes. :( Anyways. These were taken this evening after my shower. Washed my face with the Jasmine Green Tea soap from Get Lathered, and then moisturized with some grapeseed oil. No makeup, except for the lip balm from Get Lathered. It’s wonderful. You can see how pink/red my face is, and um pale. It’s hard to find a matching foundation. Either it’s too dark, which is usually the case, and the few times I’ve found a foundation light enough, it’s too pink. Oh and you can really see my almost non-existent eyebrows.

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  • I have the same issue — uber-pale, 90-something percent of foundations made aren’t light enough, and some of the undertones are too pink. I think you and I both have neutral-to-slightly yellow undertones.

    My current foundations that I’ve found that work for me are Illamasqua Light Liquid Foundation (#115; you have to order it from the UK, though) and Maybelline Fit Me (#110/Porcelain).

    I’ve also had a woman use an Arbonne foundation on me (Perfecting Liquid Foundation in Alabaster; you can order it from their website or through a consultant/representative), which felt really nice on my skin and matched me (the swatch on the site is quite deceptive). I think if I bought it for myself I’d have to do some contouring or something with it; after the woman did my makeup, my mum commented that I looked a bit ashen.

    Anyhoo, if you’re leery about various ingredients, the Arbonne one may be worth a look. If you live near a Sephora, LORAC has a couple of foundations that may be light enough. Neither have ingredients you prefer not to have (no parabens, no synthetic dyes or fragrances, no sulfates). I think, for us paleys, there’s not much choice but to spend money on foundation.

    • I’ll have to check those out. I’ve heard of Arbonne before, but never looked into it. I’ve been using a boots mousse foundation which I like, except for the days when my face is extremely dry, or if I happen to break out then I can’t use it. I also still have to use a green primer under it.

  • Geo

    You know what manda, I think the boots stuff is aggrivating my skin too.. and my eczema started acting up! Might be somethin funky in it… :(

    • damn that sucks. :( I think I’m just gonna stick with Get Lathered til I can afford to try that other company. Her soap still hasn’t bothered me and I’ve been using her shampoo/conditioner for a couple of months.