I dun did dyed my huur

Which translates to, I dyed my hair. xd I did a test swatch of Punky Color Red Wine on my arm earlier as soon as it arrived. Hours later, no rash! WOO HOO! So I dyed my hair. I really like it. It’s a little more purple than I’d hoped, but I do like it. :) I think next time I’ll get the Poppy red. But must use the rest of the Red Wine and try the Violet first. :d Anyways. Onto the pictures.

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  • Oooh, pretty!

  • I <3 it!!!!!!!

  • Pretty! I’m so glad that the dye worked out for you. :)

  • Rebecca

    I love it! :LOVE:

    I go back and fourth thinking I should dye my hair a red like that. I hennad my hair with indigio awhile back. So my hair is definitely a red but nothing like yours.

  • What company makes this dye? Your natural hair color is close to mine and you didn’t bleach? That’s a very similar color to what I’m looking for. I tried L’oreal’s magenta but it turned a burgundy. Cute, but not what I wanted.

  • That is seriously my perfect colour. Man, now I want to bleach the crap out of my hair and use that dye.

    • I can’t imagine what this would look like on bleached hair. It’s super bright just on my natural hair.

  • I loooove your hair! The color is awesome! :LAUGH:

    • Thanks. :d Kai walked in and goes “You look like poison ivy.” then walked out. LOL