My labs & last dr’s visit

I’m going to apologize now. This is probably going to be a long post, and probably going to be all over the place. I’m incredibly frustrated and mad about my last visit. With that said, I received a call from NARA last Monday telling me that the doctor needed me to come in to go over my test results with her, and asked if I could come in Friday. I said sure and they scheduled me for 3pm. I’ve never had them call me to come in, they’ve always mailed me the results. So now I’m a little worried. Then I get another call on Tuesday saying they needed to schedule me for an exam and ultrasound, and asked if I could come in on the 30th. I need to see what time that appointment is. I can’t remember.

Soo Friday rolls around. Kharizma got off work early to go in with me. We get there and check in, it’s completely packed. I don’t think I’ve ever seen them this busy before. So we ended up having to stand for awhile. Finally some seats open up and literally right after I sit down a man walks out and calls me back. haha So we go through the whole routine again, weigh in, check my height, then he ushers us to a room. So he’s taking my blood pressure and it’s hurting really bad. My skin is tender and sore all over my body, and my muscles were on fire and in horrible pain. I’m telling him it hurts and he keeps pumping it up higher and telling me to relax. So he finally finishes and then asks me if I’m nervous because my blood pressure is up… He left a massive red band around my arm and it felt like someone hit me and it was radiating down to the bone. Then he decides to take my pulse. He squeezed my wrist so hard he left giant red marks. As of right now my upper arm still feels bruised and so does my wrist. I realize that taking someone’s blood pressure and pulse are a part of normal routine at a doctors office, but when someone is telling you that you’re hurting them don’t you think you should stop and ask questions?

So Kharizma and I wait in the room for awhile. The chair that I was sitting on comes alive and moves back. It scared both of us. We still can’t figure out what turned it on. I’m not sure how long we waited, it seemed like for ever. But the doctor finally comes in. She tells us that she’s been gone all week and just saw my labs today. Then she tells me that I’m pre-diabetic because my blood sugar is 100. Normal is 40-99. Uh, what? She then tells me “Good news, your Lyme test came back negative, you’re results were 0. So we don’t have to worry about that.” Ummm. She then tells me that they also tested for inflammation and there is none in my body. Really…? Then she says my white blood cell count is high, which means there’s an infection. Uh huh. Then she starts asking me the same questions she asked last week. “What are these cuts on your hands?” then right before I could answer “or do you have a cat?”. Um yes, I have a cat. I am not cutting myself thank you. I answered that last week. Oh you can see my lab results here.

She doesn’t go over my list of symptoms I gave her, at all. She ignores most of what I say to her and focuses on the fact that she thinks I have RA or Fibromyalgia. Then tells me she wants me to see a Rheumatologist. I’m telling her that I’ve been sick for years, and had fevers and chills, and diarrhea, and swollen lymph nodes and wake up every morning with a sore throat, and this and that and she just isn’t paying attention to what I’m saying. By this point I’m both crying and seething. She leaves to print out some Rheumatologists and copy my labs. Eventually she comes back and tells me she’d really like me to see this one because he also specializes in fibromyalgia. Ugh. Grrr. Through the whole appointment she also kept saying we have great insurance and she probably doesn’t even need to refer me to a specialist. She didn’t seem concerned at all that my white blood cell count was up, all she said is that she wanted me to come back in the next couple of weeks to get more blood work done. Thanks.

I’d also told her when she first came in that the Tramadol wasn’t working. It was making me really hot and causing pins & needles all over my body, and making me tired and woozy. Her only comment? “Well sounds like it’s not working.” Oh and she also spent part of the visit telling me that I should go to their diabetic class, because they have awesome free gifts, like I can get special nike shoes that are made for native americans. Right… Then she tells me I need to see a dietician, oh and it’s a good thing they have one there. I told her I’ve already seen a few of them. She didn’t even ask me what my diet was like, at all, at either visit and now she’s telling me I need to see a dietician? Oh then she tells me I need to lose weight and I could do that simply by exercising. Uh. Did you listen to me at all last week? When I told you I’ve been trying to lose weight for 9 years? And that I can hardly move as it is because of all the pain I’m in? That’s WHY I came in. I NEED HELP. She was completely focused on me being diabetic and having RA/fibromyalgia and paid no attention to anything else I said.

After she brought me my copy of the labs and the printouts she was getting ready to leave. I had to ask her if there was anything else she could do for my pain. I asked if the Tramadol had to get into my system for awhile to work, I told her I’d had Vicodin from the dentist and it worked great and asked if she had anything similar. Her response? “Well I guess I can prescribe you an anti-inflammatory medication.” Oh right, for the inflammation that isn’t in my body right? She gave me Etodolac, another medication for RA. *sigh* I was told it’s supposed to take care of pain and inflammation. The pharmacist told me it can cause severe dizziness, rarely… So I’m like, “So what happens if you already suffer from dizziness and light headedness?” He says “oh well it causes severe dizziness rarely” Okay… “So what if I already suffer from dizziness and light headedness?” “Well it’s rare that it causes dizziness…” “okay. So then it’s not going to make the dizziness and light headedness that I already have, worse?” “Well it’s rare, but it shouldn’t…” Okay. That’s nice.

So I get home and look at my labs. Umm. She didn’t go over anything with me. There are other things on here that say they’re high that she didn’t mention, and where the hell are the results from all the tests she said they were going to run? What the hell my lyme test doesn’t even say what my result was other than <0.91. So she doesn't even know what the number was and she told me it was 0? And what the hell all my tests were done in Seattle, except the lyme test, it was done in North Carolina? Why did they need to send it there? She didn't run even half the tests she said she was going to. They didn't even check my nutrient levels or anything. Also my labs clearly states that there is inflammation in my body. Grrr. Did she even read my labs? Or did she just see negative for lyme and prediabetic and that was it? Kharizma and I even tried to tell her that the tests have a high rate of having false negatives for lyme and that it usually requires a clinical diagnosis as well, oh and I was already diagnosed with it 3 years ago. t.t

This is so freaking frustrating. Kharizma talked to a couple of ND’s over the weekend at some faire or something. One of the ND’s, Dr. Nigh used to specialize in lyme, but now specializes in cancer. She said that he does all natural treatments but does work with some MD’s who treat lyme. She also said he was pained and appalled at how long I’ve been dealing with Lyme. I emailed his office to see if he had an email where I could contact him. They emailed me back today with his email. So I sent him a brief email saying my Friend Kharizma talked to him about me over the weekend and I wanted to see about coming in to talk to him and asked if he had a consultation fee. I didn’t know what to say, or how to even start. I hope he emails me back. I hope he has a free first time consultation so I can talk to him and see what he thinks. I am desperate for help.

I also got in contact with the ND I was seeing a few years ago. Thankfully she still has all my labs and said she’d mail them to me. YESSS! She did complete labs on me even my nutrients. That’s how we found out my Vitamin D was 7. So I’ll be anxiously waiting for those to come. I wanted to have them to take with me to whoever I end up seeing.

Also lucky you, this wasn’t nearly as long as my last post. haha

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  • I’m so so sorry, honey =( this sounds so frustrating. I just hope you can get a chance to see this other doctor &LT;3 I really really hope things go well for you in the future.

  • Manja

    :( I’m so sad for you…
    Did you take photo’s of your bruises? I think you should, just to have enough evidence of your pain etc.
    I hope you can stay positive, because good thoughts attract good thoughts ( I know it can be very hard to stay positive under these circumstances).
    So I hope that those other doctors can help you!

    Wish you all the best :)