My veeeeery small nail polish collection

So here is my very small nail polish collection. Which includes:

  1. SinfulColors in Green Ocean
  2. wetnwild Wild Shine in Bijou Blue
  3. wetnwild Wild Shine in Kaleidoscope
  4. wetnwild fastdry in
  5. wetnwild fastdry in Teal of Fortunte
  6. So Easy Stripe Rite in Lavender Glitter
  7. So Easy Stripe Rite in Red Metallic
  8. So Easy Stripe Rite in Silver Glitter
  9. wetnwild Wild Shine in Eggplant Frost
  10. wetnwild Wild Shine in Night Prowl
  11. wetnwild Wild Shine in Sparked
  12. wetnwild fast dry in Party of Five Glitters
  13. E.L.F. in Black
  14. E.L.F. in Mint Green
  15. E.L.F. Matte Finisher
  16. INM Northern Lights Holographic Top Coat in Silver
  17. essence in choose me!
  18. essence in so glamourous
  19. essence in break through
  20. essence in no more drama
  21. essence in sweet as candy
  22. Beauty Secrets Base Coat
  23. Beauty Secrets Hardener Top Coat

The Beauty Secrets top coat drives me nuts. It takes about an hour for my nails to be completely dry. So I’m looking at getting the Seche Vite Fast Drying Top Coat. I’ve heard good things about it. I’m also looking at Trind’s Nail Balsam, Cuticle Balsam, and Nail Repair Color in Lilac. Qtica Natural Nail Growth Stimulator and Seche Rebuild. My nails keep breaking. Though it’s only been the tips, so I squared them off to see if that will help. Though I suspect it won’t.

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  • The elf minty green. I am obsessed with minty green. :SPROUT:

  • Wet n Wild Orange with Party of Five glitter! :LAUGH:

  • I’d say the essence so glamorous with the Sinful Colors Green Ocean. :)