Project Wonderful

So I recently started using Project Wonderful for ads. I really like it. I seem to generate more money from PW than I do from Adsense. My only issue, and this is actually a big issue for me is the ad sizes. Basically I have 3 options for my sidebar if I want it to stay inline. I can use 117×30, 125×125, or 160×600. My sidebar is 200px wide. I know a lot of wordpress themes at least set their sidebar to 200px or pretty close to there. Project Wonderful has no adds that are 200px wide. There’s a 234×60, 300×250, 468×60 and 728×90. I am using one of the 300×250 but it stretches out of my sidebar obviously. I emailed them asking if they could please add some new sizes. So we shall see. Hopefully they do. It would give bloggers more options.
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About me

I run this blog! This blog is a personal blog for all things beauty related. I love swatching, reviewing and hosting giveaways. I've been blogging since I was 16 years old... That's uh a long time. I am now 34! Sometimes I like to blog about my life and what is going on, but not often anymore. I hope you enjoy my blog posts!