I love you!

I just got off the phone with Sascha. I miss him terribly. But it was funny. He kept saying “I love you” and finally he says “the reason I keep saying I love you is cause… ” and I jump in and say “Because you miss me?!” and he says “Well yes, but also because I’m hungry.” So I say “So you love me because you’re hungry?” And he says “But I do actually love you, just so you know”. LOL I love him.

This is the same child who once asked a pizza delivery guy if he was a stalker and when I asked him why he says “Because he looks like he likes murdering people.” This prompted the delivery guy to quickly leave. hahaha He and Fumi have amazing imaginations, or I suppose see things very different. I love them both. I miss Sascha, it’s been a very long year. I’m glad he’s happy and doing well with his Dad and Step mom though. But I still miss him and can’t wait for him to come home.

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