Funny things Fumiko dun did do that thar mornin’

So I’m not sure what Fumiko is on today, but she’s cracked me up all morning so far. I have two comedian kids seriously.

  1. First she came running in our room waking us up screaming “Ahhhh! Monster… get me… rainbow monster… HELP MOMMY HELP!… Oh it just Sushi. BAD SUSHI! BAD NO TACK MIKO!”
  2. She has a giant pink and blue plastic lipstick that came in a play purse she got when she was younger, she grabbed it and says “oh no no no, this won’t do.” She opens my lippie drawer and puts her giant lipstick in and says “uh there mommy. my lipstick put away. DON’T TOUCH! MY LIPSTICK!” Then she opens the drawer puts her lipstick on, puts it back and says “no touch mommy, no touch…. good mommy”. LOL
  3. And just now I snapped the following picture of her watching Foster’s Home For Imaginary Friends for the first time ever. I was putting it on and told her this used to be Brother’s favorite cartoon show. Her response was “no I non’t like monsters!” and she huffed and sighed. lol Anyways. After a few minutes of watching it I glanced over and she was glued to it with mouth wide open. lol

I love her. lol She’s just as goofy as Sascha. :d See that bruise on her face, it’s actually a lot better. That’s what happens when you run down the hallway after the cat and run into the corner of the kitchen doorway. X.X

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