Swatches: Shiro Cosmetics Robe and Wizard Hat

I received my Intertubes today! I ordered Robe and Wizard Hat, and Three Wolf Moon. Caitlin also sent a sample of Rickrolled and an eyeshadow sample of Dimitri! I’ve swatched Robe and Wizard Hat. Love it! It’s such a pretty blue. I’ll swatch the others tomorrow. :) There was no label on Robe and Wizard Hat but Caitlin left me a note saying she’d send me a label as soon as she got some in. :d

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  • Wow, that is such a neat colour! I love blue lipstuff!

  • Whoa! That’s awesome!! Plotting an order in the next month or so… ^.^

  • Gina

    How would you describe the texture of these? Are they creamy, or lip balm-like?

    • It’s kind of like a cross between lip balm and lipstick, it’s creamy but not as creamy as lipstick.

  • Wow!

    That’s really awesome!!

  • Wow! That’s actually much more opaque that I thought it would! Really like that color on you. not sure how I would like it on me!

    • I was totally expecting these to be sheer, but they aren’t. I’m pleasantly surprised. Definitely want to order more. :)