Mmmmm, Braaaaains…

Man Gabapentin is hit and miss with the whole zombie thing. Sometimes I feel semi okay, it helps with the burning sensation, and the pins & needles. The rest of the time I feel like a drunk zombie with no burning sensation or pins & needles, and minor relief from migraines. If I go too long in between doses it makes my migraines more unbearable than they already tend to be and it doesn’t help with the rest of the issues that the doctor *though* it *might* help with.

Jennifer just got my old labs mailed off, soon as I receive them I’m going to call Dr. Nigh and make an appointment for a free consultation. In the mean time I think I need to look into calcium supplements. Gabapentin depletes it from the body along with a few other things, that I can’t remember right now. >.< Also I completely got sidetracked by the mailman and forgot to finish writing this post... Oops. >.>

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