Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Exanguinate, My Pretty Zombie, Roxie, Vanity, Unicorn Pee, Black Eye, Murder, EJPCreations, Gangrenous, Monstrous Industry, Custom Zombie, Dalia, Davanh & Illustrated Ink

purchased by me

I randomly decided to get some samples fromMy Pretty Zombie plus I had to order a jar of Unicorn Pee. hehehe Shortly after completely my order Andre sent me a convo thanking me. Seriously that’s the first time ever someone has responded so quick, which sparked a great conversation. She’s such a sweet person! She like Natalie and Marin only like polar opposite in regards to her shadow style and likes, she’s more like Jasmine from High Voltage. :d They’re all sweet! Annnyways. While talking to her and stalking her Etsy shop I also picked up Monstrous Industry, it was pretty and on special! So all of my goodies came yesterday and they’re so pretty. She actually put my samples into jars for me which was super sweet, and included a few sample baggies of My Pretty Zombie, Black Eye and Illustrated Ink. I love all of the colors I received, and My Pretty Zombie is the closest thing I’ve come to my Kryolan Frambosia. I definitely want to get samples of her other shadows, and I definitely want to pick up some full sized jars of the ones I’ve already tried. So pretty! So here are the swatches. :d Oh I should probably add that all swatches are over Concrete Minerals Primer. :)

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