Swatches: Bokeh Face Foundation

It’s not really a swatch unless you consider my whole face a swatch. It’s more of a before and after. I REALLY like it. It’s a tad too pink, but less pink than my normal skin tone, just more pink than my neck. That makes sense right? I think if I use my green primer under it, it should be perfect. Natalie did offer to have me send it back so she could tone down the pink, but I think I’ll just have her tone it down when I order some more. I should use up the green primer anyways. :)

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  • It looks great! The formula is really forgiving, since I’m sure I’m darker than you but the lightest shade is still perfect for me :)

  • Oh wow, that’s some great coverage!! I really like it!

  • Looks good! I’ve been looking for a new foundation since, well, you know. I bought some Bare Minerals to tide me over, so as soon as that’s about done with, off to Bokeh Face I go!