Stomach Monsters Rawwrrrrr!

I love this shirt so much. It’s so cute. And it speaks volumes towards how I feel a large portion of the time. Fumiko says they’re stomach monsters. It’s true they are and they’re in my stomach! Bad Stomach is from Em & Sprout. I require all of their shirts and shoes. I love them because their adorable shirts come in plus sizes! Woot! Shirts I want off the top of my head because I’ve been stalking the shop for months now. >.> I want Sleepy Clouds, Poison Apple Deer, Hey Sailor, Little Red Riding Hood & the Wolf, Cloud Bunnies, Mermaid Sisters, Raygun Shooting Stars, and I swear they had a tshirt that said My Other Ride is A Unicorn, but I can’t find it and could be crazy and wrong… Okay I lied it’s the other company I’ve been stalking. >.> OH and they have super cute shoes that I wish to have… ANYWAYS! Cute shirt ahead!

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  • Daintynymph

    I have now bookmarked this site. I need to get “in nap time we succeed” and possibly “moody cats” for my wifey and me, and the stomach shirt for me. While I don’t know how your stomach is mean, I can probably safely say I feel your pain. Ugh.