Swatches: Black Rose Minerals

press sample

Will work for makeup! hehe I need to glue that to my forehead. xd Miss Risela from Black Rose Minerals asked me to make her a couple of banners for Project Safe indie which I did, and they’re cute. ;) She offered me some free samples in return. Who am I to turn down free shadow from someone who makes awesome shadows? hehe So I picked out 10 shadows which came today, and they’re very pretty. :d I of course swatched them for you to see. <3 I’m really liking Lady, Helios, Lemon Bar, Icarus and Dark Wings.



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  • You have been tagged for an award by me! :HK:

  • Love them! Especially the blue in the 4th picture!

  • Holy colors woman! Those are all super awesome!

  • Yay! I got my order yesterday, and can’t wait to do my makeup today! ;)

    • Ooo what colors did you get?

  • Rosa

    Pretty swatches!

    • me likey. I need to order some full size jars and then do an actual review. :d