Swatches: Venomous Cosmetics

Before I say anything else, my new lippie love is Genie. I love it. It’s beautiful. It’s pink. Love. Must order larger size. Don’t get me wrong, I still love Pink Burst… but Genie… so… pretty… Okay now that I have that out of my system. My Venomous Cosmetics sample goodies came today! Hooray! I’d wanted to order from them after I saw Reggie’s swatches and completely forgot. Whoops. Then I saw her swatches again, and then I saw some swatches of her All-Stars Collection, holy pretty. So I had to get a few samples, and decided to try a lip poison since I had no idea how her lippies were. I’m in love with her lippies, and must order more. I only got a small sized tube of Genie since I didn’t know if I’d like it. Now I wish I’d ordered a large size. I’m really loving the colors I got I LOVE Starry Eyed, Starshine, Eyelash Viper and Pegasus. They’re my favorites out of the samples I got. It’s hard to tell but Starshine has this pretty blue/green sheen to it. So pretty. Platypus and Man O’ War were extra samples that Tracy added. Also there are um no pictures of the packaging because I was so excited to swatch them that I forgot to take photos. Everything came wrapped in bubble wrap of super duper safety. Seriously NOTHING was going to harm my goodies. They were very well packed. :d So guess who I’m doing a makeup queue for next? Eh, eh? Bahahaha Okay, swatches. xd

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  • Your swatches are AMAZING! I would like to add that “Starshine” and “Starry Eyed” are switched. Sorry if I mis-labeled!
    Thanks so much for the awesome review!

    • Doh I’ll have to fix that later! I’ll have to check, it’s possible I switched them lol Thanks! :d

    • Oh I forgot to say that’s not my review. :d Just swatches. I only do reviews on full size products. So I’ll be doing a review once I purchase some full size goodies from you. :) Which I shall for sure be doing!

  • Love your swatches, they’re like an explosion of colour ! I must try VC, especially the lip products !

    • Thank you! You’ll love the lip poison! I wish I’d purchased a few more when I got my samples. :) I know I’m definitely going to get some more. They have some gorgeous shades.

      • Can’t wait to see your swatches ! Have a fab sunday ! x

  • Yup, gorgeous. They’ll be next on my list. Just placed an Evil Cosmetics order tonight, really need to put the brakes on till the Amex closes for the month, lol.

    • lol! I have yet to order from Evil Cosmetics. Their lippies really caught my eye and their new collection is pretty. I was looking at it tonight. It’ll have to wait awhile though.