Spring Flowers & Sushicats

Fumiko snuck outside while I was getting diapers out of the car and proceeded to pick some Daffodils and Dandelions from our yard. Also I realize that Dandelions are considered weeds. :p Not spring flowers, or salad fix-ins. Anywho! And Catcat was sitting pretty on the windowsill so I had to get some picture of her. :d Sushicat of dooooom! Fumiko made me promise I would take pictures and put them “up”. hehehe

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  • Your cat is the cutest :HBEAT:

    • she’s also the craziest! hehee

  • :CAT: is awesome!

    And I totally love all your pictures. Just so you know :)

  • Ohhh I love the flowers in that jar <3 and YOUR CAT NEVER STOPS THE CUTE!!

    • lol we use those jars for EVERYTHING. We use them for drinking glasses too. So much easier with kids. They never break. Plus they’re cute. xd They’re just wide mouth canning jars.

      • They are really cute! <3 good idea!