Potty Training & Clothes

Anyone have any tips for potty training a stubborn 3 year old? She’s been willing to pee in the potty for a year now, but refuses to have a bowel movement in the potty, not to mention her peeing in the potty is pretty sporadic. Today marks attempt # I’m not really sure. But todays attempt is do you want to wear your panties? Okay well if you want to wear your panties you have to go pee and poo in the potty okay? And she’s totally thrilled with that idea. But will it happen? We shall see. So far she’s gone pee in the potty all on her own. Hooray! I keep asking if she has to potty and sending her to the potty to see if she’ll go but no bueno. I even remind her that if she goes pee or poo in her panties it will get all over her and all over where she is sitting, it’s not like a diaper that holds it in.

I think if she actually went poo in the potty she’d be more inclined to continue doing it. Just need her to do it once. >.< Also she never used a potty chair we had one for her but she refused to use it. She'd cry and run away or try to throw it away. So we got her a hello kitty seat that sits on the big potty, which she loved and always wanted to use to go pee in the potty, but not poo. Now? Now she doesn't want to use her potty seat, and only sits on the big potty, which is a little awkward. -.- Oy.

And then there is the other thing. The whole keep your clothes on gig. She’s always stripped, often down to nothing. I’ve been trying to get her to keep her clothes on for two reasons, one, she’s getting to be a big girl, she doesn’t need to be running around naked especially when she’s starting to wear panties and potty training. And two she’ll be starting school soon and she NEEDS to keep her little butt clothed. Keeping her clothes on though has proved harder than potty training, if you can believe that. t.t I went through the same thing with Sascha, though he was much better with potty training. Once he went potty in the toilet that was it, he didn’t want to wear diapers anymore. Though getting him to wear clothes was harder, it wasn’t until he started kindergarten that he would leave them on. So yeah any tips to get kids to keep their clothes on xd

I had a small burst of energy today so I emptied the dishwasher, and put the dirty dishes in and picked up in the kitchen a bit. Now I’m exhausted, my migraine is worse, my heart feels light-headed and dizzy and my entire body is one giant pulsing ache and shooting pain. *sigh* Also the crazy neighbor behind us sent his grandkids over and they offered to finish mowing our back yard. How sweet. Kai couldn’t finish mowing it because it started raining and the mower pooped[1. so much talk of poo!] out. He was going to finish it tomorrow, but since they offered I said sure and thanked them. So they brought their own mower over and finished and the crazy old man had a nice talk with my mom, and was not so crazy. He was really nice and offered to help with yard care if we needed it or clearing the gutters, etc. He also told her that his dogs bark and don’t bite so I don’t have to worry about Fumiko getting bit if she’s in the backyard. Which is really good to know because I rarely let her go back there for that reason.

Also my mom has a squirrel that will take peanuts from her hand. Earlier when I went down to take her some bay leaves he was climbing up the sliding glass door begging for a peanut. lol So I opened it and handed him one. He took it from me very carefully and then kind of hopped away and stared at me. Then he nommed on his peanut. There’s another squirrel, but it’s more timid and we can’t tell if it’s a boy or girl. I’m thinking it’s a girl. I think I shall take my Gabapentin and try to sleep off some of this pain.

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  • Sadly, I have no tips for you =( Moose also will randomly strip down to nothing, and potty training has been a horrid experience for me so far – he absolutely refuses to go potty in anything resembling a toilet 99% of the time! There was actually one time I asked him if he had to go potty, he told me no, then promptly went downstairs, opened my bedroom door, peed, then shut the door. We went to the store and bought diapers again right after that. Everyone tells me that no kid ever started kinder not potty trained – but I dunno anymore. I have a feeling that once both of our kidlets are in preschool. they’ll see the other kids going potty, and will do the same.
    I hope you feel better soon!