Mmmm froyo & random things

After our grocery store stop today, we stopped at Yogurt Shack for some frozen yogurt. Fumiko opted for the strawberry this time, with sprinkles, marshmallows, a gummy bear and mango boba. xd I got peanut butter frozen yogurt, and Kai got chocolate/vanilla swirl with crushed oreos. :)

Also random photo time! Her pajamas were off seconds after this photo below. xd I need to get a photo of her new bangs. haha I tried to trim them up. She found some scissors a month or so ago and cut her hair on the right side… So her bangs were super short on the right and a good couple of inches longer on the left. I’ve tried to sweep them over to the right to hide the chopped bangs but as soon as she starts playing they fall down. Sooo I tried to fix them tonight. It was going well until she moved. Now she has short Bettie Page bangs, but at least I didn’t cut them as short as she did. haha Also when her hair is in pigtails the right one is an inch or two shorter than the left. :p

And random photos of Sushicat sleeping adorably and just being a cat sitting in the window stalking squirrels and birds. Mreow.

And this probably looks gross to some… But this is Sushi’s standard dinner thanks to Claire. xd She’d mentioned she gives her cat bonito flakes, it never entered my head to see if Sushi likes them. Well she does. So at dinner she gets 1/4 cup of Natural Balance Green Pea & Duck dry food, 1 tablespoon of Natural Balance Green Pea & Venison, or Ocean Fish, or Ultra Formula, or Indoor Formula wet cat food, and a small handful of bonito flakes. I wish they’d bring back their Green Pea & Venison dry formula. :(

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  • are you insinuating that i need to get off my ass to get some frozen yogurt? *drools*

    • bahahaha! I need to get off mine and get some. xd

  • Mie

    ^.^ That froyo looks SO GOOD It is now my goal to get some tomorrow~