Fumiko & Flowers & Random Stuff

Lots of pictures. The other day Fumiko went out with me while I cleared the planters for new tomatoes and herbs and such. She picked all the daffodils and most of the dandelions from our yard. I have this neat little vase ring that I got from a goodwill store somewhere. It’s a ring of tiny individual vases and then there is a piece that sits in the middle with more vases. It’s pretty cute and Fumiko had fun arranging all the flowers in it. :) I also made fish soup for lunch. It’s really easy and tasty and kind of good for you. haha

All I did was take the ramen broth packet and put it in water with chili flakes, sriracha, and toasted sesame oil, then threw in some frozen white corn and a few pieces of frozen tilapia. Then I let it boil and cook and it was yummy. I threw the noodles away. >.> Fumiko loved it, Kai hates corn soooo. But I like it and it didn’t bother me so woot. I drink a lot of tea also. Sleepy Time, Hyacinth, Green Tea, Genmaicha, pretty much anything that is herbal and yummy. I like it with raw honey, which we are currently out of. Must get more. Fumiko also decided to pull almost every leaf off my mint and basil today. I think the picking of all the flowers yesterday was a uh bad idea, because she did the same to my poor herbs in a matter of minutes. Oh well. I’ve been putting the mint and basil in my tea, it’s delicious and tomorrow I will add the rest of the basil to Kai’s pasta. I think I may grab some oregano from the porch too.

Kharizma brought me some starter herbs the other day! She’s so awesome. :d She brought a couple of basil, a cilantro, a couple lovage and a couple of chervil. I’ve never used lovage or chervil but I looked them up and they sound awesome. Lovage is kind of a super strong celery and curry tasting herb, and chervil has this ethereal parsley/anise taste apparently. They’re both good in salads, and soups, and chervil is supposed to be a great replacement on fish for those who don’t like dill. :) Kharizma is also going to bring me some summer savory. Yummmm. <3 Alrighty anyways. Onto the pictures. hehe Fumiko made sure I got lots of pictures of her flowers and her of course. I’ve missed taking photos, so I just kind of took photos of whatever the other day. It was nice.

Tomorrow, er later today? Kai is going to help me plant the starters Kharizma gave me and weed the front yard under the window. Hopefully I’m up to it. I’ve been cleaning and organizing and it’s killing me. Literally I feel like my heart is going to explode from dizziness. Yes my heart gets dizzy, it’s weird and painful and scary. I cleaned out the fridge today. My body is rebelling against me tonight. Nothing wants to work and everything hurts and all I want to do is organize and clean and do something. I feel like my body is shriveling up and refusing to do what I want it to. Bleh. Screw you lyme. -.- I hope I’m up to gardening things tomorrow. As of right now it’s not looking good.

Oh and I got my little magnetic palettes from TKB. They’re sturdy cardboard and cute. :) Though now I have a reason to get pressed shadows, especially from Venomous Cosmetics. And I’ll be all set if Natalie from Bokeh Face decides to do pressed pans. :d

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  • Hoooooly jesus. You’re PLOWING through that bottle of Seche Vite! O.O O.O O.O

    • lol I paint my nails a lot! That’s why I wanted to get that refill bottle. xd