Halp! Which scent do I choose?

Alright I have a decision to make and I can’t decide. I need to order another set of my shampoo/conditioner bars and I don’t know which scent to get. I’m torn between Pink Sugar and Vanille de Framboise. Pink Sugar smells like Lush’s creamy candy bubble bar, and Vanille de Framboise smells like Bath & Body Works Black Raspberry Vanilla, both are scents that I adore. So help me out, which scent do I get? Right now I’m using up the last of my Mango Zephyr which smells amazing, but I want to change it up. :d I really need to get my stuff on both computers. I don’t have my watermarks on the desktop because I made them on the laptop. :(

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  • i swear i’ll get to your giveaway soon. i seen it! :)

  • okay. ps. this sounds stupid, but how do you use a shampoo ball thingy like that? i think i might get the pink sugar one next week. lol.
    i’m trying to find different ways to wash my hair. its getting used to the same thing and getting dull and limp. gah.

    • they’re so easy to use. I seriously love them so much. I even use them on my daughter and wash the cat with them. LOL To use the shampoo you just wet your hair and rub it on, it doesn’t take much to get a good lather going. The conditioner is a little different, what I do is run it along the ends of my hair since my hair is oily I avoid the roots. But your hair is dyed so you could do your roots no problem probably. With my daughter since her hair is a lot shorter I just rub the conditioner around her head and then rub the excess that’s on my hands on her hair. Then I just let it sit like normal conditioner and rinse it out. It’s not heavy at all which surprised me when I first used it. I could never use conditioner on my roots but occasionally when I DO use this on my roots my hair still doesn’t get as oily as fast, and I’ve noticed my hair dye takes much longer to wash out with this stuff. :d Hope that helped.

      • thats soo freakin’ awesome. I think i might get this. Where do I store it when not in use? in a ziplock baggie? lol.

        • I have a shower caddy thing that you hang from the shower head only I have it on our curtain rod at the opposite end of the shower head and I just store them on the soap holder. :)

          • hm … i like that! :) I think i need pink sugar. lol

            • I think that will probably be what I end up getting. I swear every time someone votes for pink sugar someone else votes for the other one. lol

              The bamboo pear that I have for the giveaway also smells really good.

  • Pink Sugar. I have Pink Sugar everything for Colton’s cloth diaper detergent, his butt cream, my lotion, ect … its my favorite!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Vanille de Framboise!
    Vanille de Framboise!
    Vanille de Framboise!
    Vanille de Framboise!
    Vanille de Framboise!
    Vanille de Framboise!


    • I’m sensing you want me to choose… Vanille de Framboise! hahaha