Hoppy Easter! <3

EDIT ALSO! I made my sidebar wider after fighting the css for a couple of hours I got it to work. SO THERE! TAKE THAT THEME! HA! I win! /EDIT Happy Easter! I hope everyone has a wonderful, safe holiday. :) I talked to Sascha today and my dad. David talked to Sascha today about coming home for school or staying there. He’s decided he wants to go to school there for the next couple of years. I figured he would, he’s made friends there and his teacher is working with him really well. I’ll miss him, but it really is best for him. I told David to tell Sascha that I was okay with whatever choice he made. And I am. He’ll come home for the summer then go back for school and then when he makes his next grade transition hopefully he’ll be coming home for school. :) I sure miss him. I got all teary-eyed and started to cry while I was talking to David. He thanked me for putting Sascha first. I told David to email me a little list of what Sascha’s been eating so his diet won’t be too different. That way he won’t have to adjust to food and timezone and everything else when he goes back.

Phone call with my dad was nice. It’s still strange being able to talk to him, after not being able to for so long. Jeannie’s health is getting worse. Her crohn’s is just really bad. :( She’s refusing all surgeries and just working with diet and medications, though she can’t eat anything without getting sick. My dad is doing well despite Jeannie not doing well, and their Pomeranian is 14 years old and probably going to pass soon. :( Which will be sad, they’ve always had one, and now they won’t be able to get another pup. So this will be the first time ever they haven’t had a furry companion. Misty their Pom has arthritis in both of her back legs and hips and her spine is starting to fuse together. :( Poor thing.

Despite it being dreary and rainy today the sun came out for a few minutes and I got my little starter herbs from Kharizma planted! YAY. Though the squirrel who shall be known as Thundernuts from now on decided to eat my freaking herbs. He nommed on the chervil and threw the basil out of the pot after nomming on the stem. Little shit. -.- So I went out and yelled at him. I caught him eating the chervil and he jumped in the tree and sat about two feet away from me as I yelled at his furry little ass for eating my herbs. He’s a BAD SQUIRREL! I think I rescued the herbs though, and Thundernuts hasn’t touched them since I scolded him. So here’s to hoping.

I made pasta for lunch using a jar of white sauce that Kai likes, but I added fresh basil and oregano from our herbs to make it taste better. My mom made a yummy turkey soup for dinner. Fumiko has grape hyacinth flowers and some other little purple flowers in her hair. She picked them when I was planting the herbs. She shall be receiving a bath soon. hehehe Sushi is asleep in her box on my desk and Kai is in the recliner playing League of Legions or something. And I, I am freezing to death and probably going to take a hot bath soon to see if my bones stop hurting. xd I hope everyone has a nice Easter. :)

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