Permalinks & Sascha my boy

So I switched my permalinks to day and name. I’ve been avoiding it for a while. I’m not sure why. Oh well. Now to go through and change links on the site.

So Sascha will probably be coming home the first week or two in July. That’s a couple of months away at least and I’m already trying to figure out what I need to get for him. I contacted Rhonda from Get Lathered already to get a few samples to see what shampoo he’d like best, and to see if she can make a scent for him. Gonna get a bar of Jasmine Green Tea soap, I think he’ll like that. I need to get some more tooth soap. Ummm. Need to get a set of twin sheets and get the other twin bed upstairs. I want to get him a few little goodies as a belated and early birthday thing since he was in Michigan for his birthday. :) I shall make him cupcakes of AWESOME! I want to plan a little trip to the ocean and the zoo, and and and, I can’t wait to see him. :d I’m going to be drowning my blog with photos of Sascha and Fumiko to make up for the year that he’s been gone, so beware!

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  • He’s been in Michigan with his Dad, step mom and grandparents this past year. Due to my health, and him needing a tutor for reading/writing and things that had been going on with my mom it was better for him to be with his dad for a little while, plus it was good for him to spend time with his family there.

    His dad talked to him and Sascha decided he wanted to go to school there for the next couple of years and so he’ll come home when he moves onto the next “tier” of school. Since he’ll likely be switching schools and making new friends anyways. So he’ll be coming home for the summer then going back for school. I miss him like crazy the longest he was ever gone was a couple of times for about a month.

  • what! where has your little guy been? obviously i just started following you so i dont know the story behind your little guy.