Swatches: My Pretty Zombie Mia, Lulu Cupcake, Pink Eye, Old Bruise, Henrywinkle, Thundernuts, Amacyst, Violet, New Age Dolls, Bettie, Madison, Rabies & Tarayvonne

purchased by me

After getting my last samples from Andrea I had to make another order and try some more colors. Again I’m super happy with the colors I received, they’re all beautiful. One of the colors I got was Old Bruise, which is a pretty matte yellow color. I’ve never been a fan of matte shadows because they don’t usually apply well on me, but I REALLY like this matte shadow, it’s really pretty and it actually went on well over Pixie Epoxy. I was shocked. I’m definitely going to be getting samples of her other matte colors to see if I like them just as much. The other colors that I really love out of this package are Thundernuts, which is a GORGEOUS brown with a blue sheen and TaraYvonne, which is a dark blue almost black with red glitter, they’re both omg WTF pretty! All the colors are beautiful but these were my favorites which actually surprised me. I don’t normally ever go for browns or dark blues. haha I got samples of Lulu Cupcake, Amacyst, TaraYvonne, Rabies, Madison, Pink Eye, Violet, Henrywinkle, Bettie, Old Bruise, New Age Dolls, Mia and Thundernuts! She also snuck in an AWESOME surprise and sent me one of her new released nail polishes. :d She sent me Unicorn Pee, which is really ironic because I didn’t know she’d sent it and last night I poured some of my Unicorn Pee shadow into my Northern Lights topcoat. xd It’s pretty awesome, it only took one coat to get nice coverage, though honestly I think I’d like it better if it were a little more sheer, either way it’s very pretty though. Onto the swatches!

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