Purple Hairs

Apparently I forgot to make a post saying my hair is now purple. So uh my hair is now purple. I used Punky Color Violet. It dyed my hair WAY better than I thought it would. The other dye I used only stayed in the ends of my hair and completely washed out of my natural hair when I rinsed it out. So I kind of assumed Violet would do the same. It however dyed it really well, and my body. Yeah my legs are streaked purple and my back is just entirely purple. The expression of pure amusement on my husband’s face was priceless though. So far everyone seems to like it. My mom even said she liked it. That was a shocker.

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  • i love it!



  • looks nice. what did you use to dye your hair?

  • Love it !!

  • Hooray! I’m trying to decide between purple and pink next..
    This looks really nice on you <3

  • The color really looks great against the color of your eyes!

  • Sooo foxy! Purple suits you very well. I love it :)