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As of right now I have E.L.F. and Bare Escentuals makeup brushes. For the most part I’ve been happy with E.L.F. but my main issue is with the angled brush I have from them. It tends to loose it’s shape rather quickly, like in the first application after it’s washed the bristles go awry. It’s unfortunately the only angled brush I own, which is also an issue. I need a few of them. I’ve been looking at Sigma brushes and also Real Techniques as I’ve heard good things about both. I wish I had access to Urban Beauty United, their brushes call to me in my sleep. xd But in reality I really need more brushes in general. I have very few shadow brushes which can be a royal pain in the butt.

So I suppose my point of this post was what are your favorite brush companies? Have you tried Sigma and/or Real Techniques and what did you think? Are there any other brands you recommend that are affordable? They don’t have to be E.L.F. cheap but uh I can’t afford to pay $20+ for a brush I can get for $10 somewhere else. ;) Also I had to take my husband to a meeting today in Beaverton. On the way I discovered there was an Ulta in Tualatin. :O Holy smokes, this could be bad.

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  • i have EcoTools. I have the angled brush and i LOVE it!!!
    I also have some Sigma. I love them!
    Oh … go to Michaels Craft Store and look at their pain brushes!!! I buy my makeup brushes in that section too :)

  • I LOVE Sonia Kashuk brushes. They’re a good price so you can get a bunch and I haven’t had a problem with them yet.

    They also come in cute sets and those seem to be of the same quality. I own three sets and scattered individual brushes.

  • It looks like my comment was eaten by the comment monster.

    I use the Sephora Professionnel Platinum Angle Liner Brush #22. It’s $16 so I’m not sure if that’s out of your price range but it’s the best liner brush I’ve ever used. It’s soft enough for waterline usage, still looks new after 2 years and thin enough for upper eye lining.

    I used the MAC 266 in the past but it was too thick, irritated my eyes and ended up splaying after just a few months of usage.

    Hope this comment posts! :p

    • haha it did that to me yesterday. I think it’s the link. Sometimes it doesn’t like them.

      I’ll have a look at the sephora brush. I purchased one once but when it came the bristles were completely mangled so I haven’t re-purchased any brushes from them since.

      • Ahh, I’m lucky to have 2 Sephora’s within driving distance so I’ve never had to have anything shipped. I’m very paranoid about shipping problems so I rarely order make-up on-line.

        • I still have issues being in large crowds of people so I tend to avoid going even to the grocery store if my husband isn’t with me. So I probably wouldn’t venture into a sephora if I had one close anyways. haha

  • I’m not sure if $16 is too much for you but this is by far and wide my favorite angled brush: d= P93608&categoryI d= C17412&shouldPaginate=true#

    It’s the perfect thickness for lining my eyes, very soft so it doesn’t irritate when I use it on my waterline and I’ve had it for near 2 years now yet it looks brand new still. I really love all of the Sephora brushes that I own. I have a MAC liner brush (266, I believe) and it ended up splaying it’s bristles after a few months, I don’t recommend it at all.

    If you’re looking for a cheaper brush, I believe Sonia Kashuk has a good one but I’m not 100% sure. ^.~

  • Most of my brushes are either Sigma or e.l.f. Studio ones. (None of them are angled brushes, though, so I can’t comment on that.)

    But I do have two EcoTools angled brushes (one for eyeshadow, one for gel/cream eyeliner); they’re quite thin, and they’ve retained their shape quite well. I’m not sure how well they’d do for brows, as I don’t need to fill mine in, but I imagine they’d be really good for that. :)

    Another inexpensive option would be artist paint brushes. Loew Cornell has several that can dupe for various MAC and Sigma ones. (Haven’t tried them, though, but I’d like to.)

    • I was actually looking at paint brushes online for awhile. Someone recommended a company to me that I can’t remember now. Oops. I’ll have to look at EcoTools. I *think* I have one brush by them, that I don’t ever use because it’s a concealer brush and I don’t use concealer anymore.

  • sigma brushes can be a hit or miss – there are ones that i really like and there are ones i won’t touch. i’d like to try real techniques, but have to wait for international order become available.

    if you’re looking for slant brush for doing eyebrows, i strongly suggest ecotools. sigma’s is narrower and too soft, doesn’t draw the perfect brows.

    • haha sounds like ELF then. xd I’ll check out EcoTools thank you. :)

  • My sigma brushes were flimsy. I’m now slowly working on replacing them. xP

  • i think for eyebrows a stiffer brush i better. i’m not sure the sigma one is stiffer than the elf one, the sigma one to me seems a bit flimsier than the elf one. I don’t used them for eyebrows though so it may work for you.

    • yeah if that’s the case then elf is super flimsy so that could be my issue.

  • Is it the studio angled brush? mine is fine i love it for gel eyeliner. The sonia kasuk angled brush is pretty good. The real techniques angled brush is too think for eyeliner for me, but might be good for eyebrows. I mostly have elf, sigma, a few ecotools and sonia kasuk. And crown brushes too. I haven’t gotten around to using all of my real techniques brushes. Oh that bogo i think is good until the 8th of May. Crown is pretty affordable, especially if you get them from coastal scents, they tend to have sales on them. I tend to reach for my elf ones for packing on color, crown or elf for crease work, and sigma for blending. I think overall i use elf and the most, but it just depends. on what i reach for i have quite a bit of brushes.

    • yeah it’s the elf angled studio brush. I use it mostly for my eyebrows because it’s impossible for me to do a thin eyeliner line using it. >.< The bristles go all wonky on me. I’ll have to check out the crown brushes. I was looking at Sigma’s angeled brush and their two eyeliner brushes. I actually prefer the angled brush for eyebrows and the thin tapered eyeliner brushes for my eyeliner, but I’ve noticed more places are carrying the angled brushes instead of the other ones which makes me a sad panda. I was happy to see Sigma had them, plus they had a thin one which is my favorite. I had a really nice mac eyeliner brush, but it magically disappeared last year.