Zenni Optical you torture me

I really want to make an order at Zenni Optical, but I’ve been trying to wait until I get my eyes checked again in January. I’ve been browsing their glasses off and on lately really antsy. I need Rx sunglasses so bad, but I don’t want to spend the money even though it’s not much only to have to buy new ones in January. Jenn I know has purchased at least a couple pair of glasses from them and as far as I know is really happy. My last pair of glasses AFTER Kai’s insurance covered $120 were still just over $100. I swear they didn’t have anything I could possibly wear under $220. Most frames were at least $250. I’m sorry but I can’t afford to shell out $120 on a single pair of glasses. :( I wish I’d known about Zenni Optical back then, I would have been able to get a pair of glasses and Rx sunglasses for considerably less than I paid for a single pair. Make no mistake I won’t be doing that again and I’ll be sure to get all my measurements and Rx from them this time. Anyways these are the glasses that I really like! Hopefully they still have them come January. Though if they discontinue a pair or two it won’t be hard to choose. hehehe When I get my eyes checked in January I’ll find out how fast my cataracts are advancing. When I had them checked in 2010 the doctor said they were barely visible and since it was my first time seeing him he wasn’t sure if they were developing fast and appeared recently or if I’d had them for some time and they were advancing slowly. So we shall see.

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  • oh hell no! I love those!!! my favorites are the zebra and the black red ones. i’d wear the black / red ones. now i’m taking a look at the site and begging my husband to get our eyes checked! lol

  • I’ve gotten a few pairs of glasses from Zenni, and I pretty much adore them! I found out the hard way to look at a ruler before ordering – a pair or two were a bit smallish, lens wise!

  • I’ve gotten a few pairs from Zenni Optical and love them. I’ve since lost them but I don’t mind since they were only $8, haha.

    I need to go browse their website and see what new designs they have so I can order some next Friday.

  • I’ve been wanting to try Zenni Optical for a while now but I haven’t gotten around too it yet. I love the pink/black zebra ones and the black & red ones too!

  • amg, I want the black and red ones!