Tacos & Cookies!

Last night we had yummy homemade tacos for dinner. Usually I just use a taco seasoning but I think from now on I’m going to use Penzey’s Chili Seasoning. Kai and Kinon didn’t get enough packets when they went grocery shopping so I used half taco seasoning and half Penzey’s Chili Seasoning, it was so good! I also lightly fried some white corn tortillas for the taco shells. I don’t do well with yellow corn and I don’t like flour tortillas that much. Plus I love the taste of the white corn tortillas when they’re lightly cooked. Kai helped, though he didn’t have much of a choice, I wasn’t able to stir the taco meat. :( My right arm has been really weak and sore, I think I may have somehow developed bursitis, at least that’s what it feels like. It started hurting while I was vacuuming the other day and has only gotten worse. Anyways. I tried stirring the taco meat but my right arm started quivering and shaking and I just couldn’t make my arm stir it. It’s one of the most upsetting things in the world not to do something so simple. -.- So I went to Kai in tears and asked him to help me. I couldn’t shred the cheese either and he helped me cut up the tomatoes. So we had shredded medium cheddar cheese, red leaf lettuce, tomatoes, sour cream and hot sauces. It was really yummy. Tonight was leftover tacos and I cooked up some hominy. <3

I also made chocolate chip walnut cookies. I only wish I had spelt four on hand. They were tasty though. Also just a note the white plates with green flowers are super sentimental to me. I grew up with the exact same set. My dad still owns the original and uses it. My mom found our set at a garage sale for $10 for the entire set. :d I love it. It’s pretty durable unless you’re me, or Fumiko, or our cat, then you can break them, which is pretty amazing because Corelle is known for being virtually unbreakable. Seriously I’ve seen Kai drop them on the floor and nothing happens, but leave it to me and it’ll break.

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  • Geo

    Those look good! I made tacos just a couple of nights ago actually lol. I added a dash of terriyaki sauce to the meat while it is cooking and it adds a really nice flavor.

  • Mmmmmmmmmm, tacos. I alternate between using low-sodium taco seasoning packets, and making my own using a mixture of spices – chili powder, salt, pepper, garlic seasoning, cayenne pepper, tabasco, etc.

    • that’s why I liked Penzey’s better than the taco seasoning it’s completely salt free so I can add my own sea salt if needed, plus it tastes really good. :d

  • Yuuum. ^.^ Those tacos look delicious!

    • they were delicious! Though usually I mix half ground turkey in it. I however didn’t go grocery shopping. *cough* My husband and our roommate did.