It’s always one thing or another…

I swear this house has it out for us. If it’s not one thing, it’s another. -.- The garbage disposal is borked. Not only that but apparently the electrical socket under the sink that it plugs into has shorted out and no longer works and in the process apparently shorted out the garbage disposal to. *sigh* Earlier this week the toilet in our bathroom started leaking. :( We already can’t use our shower because it leaks into the garage and we can’t afford the cost to fix it. So for now we uh won’t have a garbage disposal, which really isn’t that big of a deal. It’s not that much more work to put stuff in the trash, it’s just a little more convenient to have it. So we’ll be getting a sink strainer thinger to catch anything that is missed. Hopefully at some point we can get the electrical fixed and get a new garbage disposal.

We also have to pick up caulking to caulk where the bathtub meets the floor. It wasn’t sealed when we moved in and damaged from water, so the floor was a little warped. Kinon is gonna be picking up a caulking gun and some white caulk to fix it. Oh and we need to replace the caulking around the bathtub too. I told Kai and Kinon last night we’re having a wallpaper party. They’re gonna take the wallpaper off the kitchen wall and I’ll make them a nice dinner… They didn’t seem to go for it. haha I really need help with it though, my arm starts hurting crazy bad after a few minutes and my heart starts going nuts when I try to peel the wallpaper off. :( I want to paint the kitchen a bright blue-ish color as you can see above. We need to also go rent a carpet cleaner to clean the floors on Wednesday. Will probably do that after my doctor appointment. They’re drawing more blood for I’m not actually sure what.

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  • I love that bright aqua! It’s gorgeous! I hope you can get everything fixed.