Little Shop of Horrors

So between the plant sale at the OC college with Kharizma and going to Fred Meyer with my mom later that day I got lots of herbs and plants! I found some tomato plants: mexico midget, black from tula, green zebra, wisconsin 55 and red velvet, a red pepper plant: buran, giant pascal celery, and winter savory from the college. I got lemon cucumber, french lavender, genovese basil, spearmint, triple curly parsley, and catnip from Fred Meyer. The lovage that Kharizma gave me previously is growing well. It had some little aphids on it which I’ve been taking care of with simple soap water. The sweet mint that Fumiko stripped of its leaves has some new growth. I planted the spearmint in the pot that the basil was in that Fumiko stripped since it died. :( I planted my curly parsley and genovese basil in the pot on the back porch and have vowed to strangle the squirrel if he eats them. I did sprinkle some walnuts back there since that’s all I had.

Today I’m going to have Kai move one of the chrome shelves in front of the sliding glass door, the part that doesn’t slide. :p So I can use it for plants and herbs. :) The catnip is for the catcat obviously, though she shows no real interest in it. I seriously think she just doesn’t like catnip. My mom picked up a couple of pepper plants at Fred Meyer, and a regular cucumber plant which she has downstairs. She also swiped my red velvet tomato plant since they didn’t have the beefsteak that she wanted. If you’re wondering about the title, Kai thinks the house is being invaded by the little shop of horrors. hehehe Someone suggested I get him a venus fly trap and name it Audrey. bwahahah. I seriously might do that.

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