Oh Orglamix, Where have you gone?

I thought I’d post a small update on Orglamix since I’m getting tons of hits from google looking for information. It appears that Cheri has up and disappeared. WTF She was supposed to open back up on May 1st according to someone on her fan page. However she was banned from Etsy and the shop is now gone. The Orglamix website has been up for quite some time and it doesn’t appear that there’s anything new on it. Cheri hasn’t responded to any concerned people on her fan page, and she even went so far to delete all posts by fans and make it so they can only reply to current posts. Several people have received refunds from their Paypal disputes, others are still waiting for either their product or a refund. If you want to stay updated you can follow the Orglamix Fraud page on facebook.

So do we know where Cheri is? Nope. Do we know if she closed shop? Nope. Are a lot of people unhappy with the whole situation? Yep. My best advice to those who haven’t received orders, or have and are unhappy for whatever reason is to file a Paypal dispute. Hopefully your time hasn’t lapsed and you can still file. My other advice is to follow the Orglamix Fraud page and see what other customers are saying/doing. And finally, keep your chin up. There are so many amazing indie companies out there who truly care about their customers and care about making quality, safe products! <3 If you have any questions or need recommendations, please don’t hesitate to ask me!

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  • i sometimes get hit from this too! it’s weird since i’ve never used it nor mention it on my blog.